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Our Story

New Beginnings

Welcome to Zamorins - a journey, a dream, and a portal.

We are 3 friends in arms for a unified dream to transcend everyone to a bygone era across the seven seas. Armed with culinary skills and passion nurtured over 22 years we decided to do it through food, the best and fastest way we knew.

Our Cuisine

Flavours of South India

From the soft, world renowned savoury rice cake - Idli to the flavoursome and spiceful biriyani we take pride in serving the best of South-Indian cuisine. But we do not stop there, and have taken the liberty to venture across the peninsula to bring forth some of most mouth-watering Indian culinary excellence to our Deccan spread that is sure to take you places.


The Zamorins Experience

Dine like The Royals

At Zamorins you will find a quaint charm of a bygone India where food is served following traditions and customs of the Princely States of India. With a menu fit for the royals, exceptional care and warmth staying true to our roots "Atithi Devo Bhava" we invite you to dine like a Zamorin.

Online Reservation

Great news!
"We are extending the Eat Out to Help Out initiative from our end starting 8 Sept – 29 October. Key things to note, offer is active on Tuesday – Thursday and 25% discount on food and soft drinks with a cap of £10 per person.



Kindly note due to large number of bookings all table reservations will be limited to 1.5hr of dining time.